Tips for choosing sexy lingerie according to your body type

If you are a woman, it will have happened to you like me, when you are looking for something to feel beautiful and sensual in lingerie, you always end up crying or suffering because you do not have the size that the model has in the catalog, so, with all your illusions destroyed to feel sensual, you leave aside the lingerie to go get your classic and infallible breeches of the type “granny” , because after all, only models can look erotic and sexy with those clothes, can’t they?

Well, the answer is, of course no, well yes, well, I don’t know anymore, and the fundamental issue is that you don’t need to be size zero to be able to look good in lingerie, and regardless of the size or shape of your body, when you know that choosing you will always look beautifully sensual.

I learned this in vicky form’s most recent empowerment workshop, which while not an empowerment workshop as such taught us with image expert Arianna Cortés to find the lingerie that fits each body type.

Yes, after this workshop I discovered that I can also look like a model of lingerie catalog, the key is to look for those garments that I have left, and just like me, you can also do it especially with brands like Vicky Form, which in addition to being totally Mexican, in addition to that offer a great catalog in garments for all sizes and shapes.

But how do I choose the right lingerie for my body?
Tips for choosing sexy lingerie according to your body type
1. Identify your body
2. Know the garments you can wear according to your shape
3. Choose the right size
4. Have the confidence to look sensual, I think it’s the most important thing

Now, the most important thing is to know your body and know what it has left

Body 8 (Hourglass)
If your hip and shoulders are of similar width and you have a small waist, your body is hourglass-shaped.

BRAS: If you have a lot of bust, the best option for you will be those that have “full cup”, with thick straps and rods that give you support. The triangular brassiere is an excellent option if your bust is not very large, you will also have greater comfort when opting for a soft glass.

PANTIES: The high-waisted panties will help to highlight your narrow waist, you can also opt for tummy or boyshorts to show off your hip and generate an even more sensual visual effect.

Body A (Pear)

If your hip stands out from your waist and shoulders, then you have a “pear”, “triangle” or “A” shaped body.
BRAS: The best option for you will be the strapless type brassiere because without a doubt highlight your shoulders, it will be a great success, if you are looking to create an effect of more bust, we recommend a brassiere type balconette or a push-up.

PANTIES: Since your legs are usually wider you need more crotch space so bikinis are ideal for this. The high-waisted panties will help you disguise the belly in case you have some little belly and if you want to create a longer torso effect then look for the designs that are wider on the sides.

Body V (Inverted Triangle)

If your silhouette is wider in the shoulder area with respect to the hip, without a doubt, your figure is in a V-shape.
BRAS: The ideal for your body is to try to create a narrower shoulder effect, this can be easily achieved with the brassiere type halter or the racerback.PANTIES: The ideal for you will be to look for panties with bikini cut, boyshort or cachetero style, with this, you can give the effect of prominent buttocks.

Body H (Rectangular)
If your shoulders, waist and hip are of a similar width, then you have a rectangular body.

BRAS: Your body needs to create curves, so the bustier, push-ups and the brassiere style balconett, will be your best allies to give greater visibility to your upper area. A very sexy and ideal option to create a curvilinear effect in your silhouette are the bodies or corsets.

PANTIES: Opt for cachetero style panties to create a butt effect with greater volume.

Also dare and opt for panties with wider sides and details on the buttocks so when they see you only with your lingerie, the visual attention will be exactly where you want it.



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