Tips for choosing a nice and comfortable sexy lingerie

Being and being sexy means feeling seductive and desirable in harmony with yourself.

A beautiful sensual lingerie is a piece of lingerie that highlights you and makes you enjoy yourself, since only quality female lingerie can make the most of all its features and advantages.
For decades, the great intimate fashion brands such as Promise, strive to design the most beautiful models, from the beautiful set of lingerie to the seductive nightgown, thus guaranteeing the voluptuousness and comfort of their lingerie garments.

Combination of comfort and sensuality

The right choice of lingerie fabrics and materials is crucial. Noble materials such as silk or a nice black satin that slides over the skin like a light veil is the essential and characteristic of sexy lingerie.
It is important to stay free wearing intimate clothing, so choosing a sexy bra or elastic tul and lace panties will be a feature that will make you feel unique.

Materials such as elastan, microfiber, or lycra provide the greatest comfort for your lingerie, while it is important to opt for seamless underwear so that they do not leave marks on the skin.

Sexy and comfortable lingerie for all types of women

Discovering your fine lingerie and moving within it is, above all, a revelation of your personality.
Forget about the dictates of fashion and feel unique above all else.

The colors of lingerie
The choice of colors is essential since red is not the only sensual color. A pastel shade on the skin will give an irresistible touch, just as a brunette fur will highlight a black or orange tone.

It is important to note that flash and eye-catching colors are not reserved for use only in summer, as they can stand out on the skin in any season of the year.

Correct choice depending on morphology

Knowing the shape of the body to choose the right lingerie is a priority. Depending on the cuts, designs, types, etc., sexy underwear will be adapted with greater or lesser pleasure to the different types of women’s bodies.

A woman with strong shoulders will appreciate and look better with a beautiful bra with hoops and a floral pattern that enhances the bust with a beautiful curve, however, thin or small-breasted women will be seduced by a strapless bra or a triangle-shaped bra, like the bralette trend , the minimalist top that is halfway between the bra and the top, and that offers an ideal look.

If you are looking for the sexy lingerie that best suits you, you only have to see promise’s extensive lingerie catalog, in which you will find high-end lingerie that adapts perfectly to all bodies, making each and every woman feel unique and sensual with their intimate clothes.

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